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frequently asked questions

In brief, why is the proposed Lincoln Center site being redeveloped?

The proposed Lincoln Center project will transform the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Park Boulevard, bringing much needed housing (including affordable housing), a grocery store, additional neighborhood-serving retail and on-site parking. The existing surface parking and outdated commercial buildings no longer meet retail needs, cater to driving and are not pedestrian friendly. Redevelopment of the site provides an opportunity to meet community housing needs and our City’s sustainability goals.


Who is the development team?

The property owner is SanMon Inc, a California Corporation, who has owned the property since 2017.  SanMon Inc. is working with local firm Koning Eizenberg Architects to provide design services while curating an experienced development team, which includes Cypress Equity Investments, a local residential developer.


What is the estimated start date for construction?

The start date cannot be determined until after the City’s approval is secured but would be no earlier than 2024.


What approvals are needed?

The City of Santa Monica will require a Staff-level Administrative Approval as well as an evaluation by the Architectural Review Board for design. The project seeks development rights permitted under the State Density Bonus law, which will be reviewed by City staff for consistency with State law.  As part of the Administrative Approval process the project will be thoroughly vetted by multiple City departments, including the Mobility Department, for issues related to vehicular and pedestrian circulation and safety. 


How many apartment units will be built?

The proposed project includes 521 units.


Will these be condominiums or rental units?

The proposed project is designed for rental units.


Will affordable units be included in the plan?

Yes. Approximately 53 of the residential units will be available to those that qualify for very-low income housing and those tenants will be selected directly from the City’s waiting list.  According to the City Housing Department affordable rent levels, the project’s Very Low Income units would be restricted at the following rent levels (subject to minimal permitted annual increases):


Studio unit: $700 per month

One-bedroom unit: $800 per month

Two-bedroom unit: $900 per month


What is the proposed unit mix? 

The preliminary design includes 17% studios, 44% one-bedrooms and 39% two bedrooms.


What will the commercial retail component consist of?

The retail component has been designed to serve the shopping needs of residents and neighbors with a full-service grocery store, neighborhood serving, quality retailers and restaurant spaces.


Will the retail uses be easy to access?

The retail component has been designed to serve the shopping needs of local residents and neighbors. To ensure visibility and maintain ease of access for cars, bikes and pedestrians, the grocery store, restaurant and other commercial uses will be located along Lincoln Boulevard.


Will Gelson’s still be the grocery store at that location?

The grocery store operator will be announced in the near future.  Ownership is currently in discussion with various potential grocery tenants that have expressed interest in the site.


Aside from the grocery store, what other commercial uses are contemplated for the site?

We will be looking for neighborhood serving,  quality retailers and restaurants that will appeal to our future residential tenants and our neighbors.


How will the current parking spaces be replaced?

All future parking for residents, guests, and retail customers will be provided in a new parking garage.


Will the parking for retail/commercial uses be separated from the residential parking?

Yes. Retail parking will be located on the same level as the retail shops, no elevator or escalator use will be needed.


Will I still be able to access retail parking from Ocean Park Boulevard?

Yes. Parking will be accessible from both Lincoln Boulevard and Ocean Park Boulevard, subject to review and approval by the City’s Mobility Department.


What about parking for bicycle and shared mobility devices?

Yes. Bicycle parking will be provided for residents, guests, and retail customers. We will encourage project residents, employees and visitors to use alternative modes of transportation and facilitate convenient access to such modes.


What will happen to the eastbound bike lane on Ocean Park Boulevard?

The eastbound bike lane on Ocean Park Boulevard is proposed to remain.


Will public transportation be available near the Lincoln Center site?

Yes. Santa Monica Big Blue Bus service will be available within steps of the project at existing stops. Currently, Big Blue Bus Route 3 runs northbound and southbound between Downtown Santa Monica and LAX.  Big Blue Bus stops are located near the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Ocean Park Boulevard on the east and west sides of Lincoln. The Big Blue Bus Rapid 3 route provides faster airport service on Lincoln Boulevard between Downtown Santa Monica and LAX Monday – Friday only. The Rapid 3 stops are located at on both sides of Lincoln Boulevard where Route 3 is serviced.


The Big Blue Bus system also provides eastbound and westbound service between Downtown Santa Monica and Civic Center loops eastward to UCLA/Westwood via Route 8. An eastbound stop is located adjacent to Lincoln Center one-half block from Lincoln Boulevard on the south side of Ocean Park Boulevard. Southbound stop is located one block away from Lincoln Center on Ocean Park Boulevard across from 7th Court.


Will the residential and commercial buildings incorporate sustainability features?

The proposed project contemplates PV panels on the roof, pre-wiring for EV charging, achieving the City’s water neutrality requirements, and welcoming and encouraging bicycles. When completed, Lincoln Center’s sustainability features will represent a major improvement from the current surface parking and suburban-style buildings.


Will there be open space provided on-site?

The project includes open space and outdoor seating common areas for the commercial tenants and patrons. It also includes private open space for residents disbursed throughout the site.


Where can I get more information?

Please submit your comments and questions to

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